Selenium-Rich Green Tea

Brew in Seconds, Sip for Hours

We are proud to introduce our very own Dried-Rolled Green Tea which is enriched with Selenium Minerals. Selenium Minerals is known to Improve our Immune System, Improve Brain Function, reduce risk of Cancer & Mutation, Prebiotic for Heathy Gut & Digestive System and many more while Green Tea is known to contain High-Antioxidant, Fat Burning. Reduce Bad Breath, Skin Brightening and many more too.



Selenium (Se) has been recognized as an essential nutrient for humans. Plant foods are the predominant source of Selenium and majority of dietary Selenium is absorbed depending on the type of food consumed. Studies show that green tea is becoming increasingly popular for its prominent health benefits, including the ability to supplement Selenium in organically bound, natural food form. The selenium content of Se-enriched green tea is produced by the selenium level of local soils in which it is grown. Natural Se-enriched tea is mainly produced in some regions where high selenium content exists in the soil. Tea plants possess the ability to retain high levels of selenium than other plants. Green tea is one of the popular natural health drinks that contain a variety of bioactive compounds. Reports show that green tea non-nutrient bioactive compounds have antioxidant, anticancer, anti-obesity and other pharmacological functions. Selenium is an essential nutrient element for human health. It may reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction (cardiac arrest), Keshan disease, liver damage, cancer and many other diseases. Selenium has been shown to prevent certain cancers, inhibit the growth of tumor cells, especially obvious inhibitory effects on liver cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and other digestive cancers. If the dietary intake of selenium is not enough, it can seriously affect human health, thereby resulting in oxidative damage to many organs. Selenium is a constituent of more than two dozen seleno-proteins that play critical roles in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis and protection from oxidative damage and infection.


Selenium Minerals Benefits

  • Boost Immune System
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Helps Prevent Cancer
  • Rich in Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Helps Regulate Thyroid Hormone
  • Helps Prevent Heart Disease
  • Protect Against Stroke
  • Helps Prevent Fungal & Bacteria Infections
  • May Helps Boost Fertility

Green Tea Benefits

  • Fight Allergies
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Fights Off Depression
  • It Helps to Fight with Cancer

Keeps Blood Sugar Level in Check


* 95% Pure Green Tea

* 5% Selenium Minerals


Step 1 – Fill in with 4g-8g of Selenium Rich Green Tea

Step 2 – Pour in hot water about 60-70°C (Maximum)

Step 3 – Steep the tea for about 30seconds or until tea leaves unroll

Step 4 – Pour out and Serve, each scoop is good for 3-4 servings.


* Best drink without adding Milk or Sugar

* Drink 2 times a day (Morning & Evening)

* Can be re-boil twice after first use


Enshi in Hubei Province of China has the world’s largest deposit of Selenium in the world. The naturally Selenium-rich soils found in the hilly terrains together with vast forest coverage and very suitable climate with practically zero pollution, Enshi in Hubei Province, produces one of the finest Selenium-rich Green Tea in the world which is far more superior to any other green teas grown in other regions.

The Tea grown in this area is known to be for imperial consumption during the Ming and Ching dynasties. The whole area being surrounded by hills and highlands, unadulterated by pollution from industries and other human activities, yield the purest and best variety of Green Tea, thus home to Jangsu Selenium-rich Green Tea.