Vitality – Alkaline Water Ionizer

• 3 Titanium / Platinum Plates
• 300W SMPS Power System
• High Defination Speaker
• Personalized and Programmable pH & ORP settings
• 4 Levels of Alkalinity, 4 Levels of Acidity, 1 Level Pure
• pH Range: pH 4.0 – pH 9.5
• ORP Range: -500 (+/- 100mv)
• Patented Alkalife Lydia IntelliClean Feature
• Filter Life: 6000 Litres


Vitality – Alkaline Water Ionizer

Vitality – Alkaline Water Ionizer & Purifier Machine – pH 4.0 – 9.5 – 3 Titanium/Platinum Plates

Top Line Performance at an Affordable Price

Energy and strength – it’s the meaning of vitality and that is exactly what you get with our water purifier system.

The Vitality offers an affordable way to get a top of the range water ionizer in your home. Despite fewer plates than our other models, it boasts an impressive performance and is capable of providing pure ionized water with a Ph range up to 9.5.

There’s no wonder why this model is the original best-seller.

Here’s why you need vitality in your life

  • Voice Announcement – With smart technology built in, your water ionizer will always be at your service whenever you need a taste of good health. Easy to understand to ensure you have the perfect settings of pH levels. This machine will let you know by voice when the filters are reaching maximum capacity.
  • 3 Highest Grade Titanium Platinum Plates (Lifetime warranty) – Just because there are less plates, doesn’t mean this ionizer won’t perform at a gold standard. The 3 powerful titanium platinum plates are sourced from Japan with the highest quality engineering to bring you a product that lasts. Using premium materials with the highest level of purity makes the plates more effective than others.
  • pH Range: 4.0 – 9.5 – Plenty of healthy water setting options for a positive balance in the body. This includes 4 levels of alkalinity, 4 levels of acidity, and 1 neutral setting. You can adjust the water exactly how you want it!
  • ORP Range: Up to -500mV – This has over 4 times more anti-oxidizing than tap or bottled water. The Vitality works by equipping your body to eliminate free radicals, keeping you chemically free from toxins. Fewer toxins mean more energy, healthier skin, increased mood and confidence.
  • Filter Life: 6,000 litres – Our water ionizer machine has an incredibly long filter life span. 6,000 litres will last you a long time so you can get all the great health benefits before requiring a replacement. Our filters have more life than most of our competitors making it a superior choice.

Our Promise to You

Each water ionizer comes with our 10.1 Year Warranty. We are proud to present the longest warranty in the market today, backed by 20+ years of pioneering excellence in the water industry.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a penny to replace your parts in the warranty period. We will replace them absolutely free of charge giving you complete peace of mind and protecting your investment in your health for years to come!

In the long run, this is a great money saver – you can save thousands by not spending on bottled water!

With nothing to lose and only your health to gain, order now and begin your journey to a healthier you today – your body will thank you for it!


Model Name Lydia 8030
Rated Power Supply AC 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
Water Supply Method Direct connection to tap water
(Body) Dimension 340 x 340 x 150 (H x W x D)mm
Packing Unit 1 set
Allowable water pressure 1.5 – 5.0 kgf/cm²
Allowable Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Electrolysis Device Electrolysis Method Continuous Electrolysis
Generating Capacity 1.1 – 3.5 / min
Electrolysis Step Alkaline water: 4 step

Acid water: 4 step

Electrolysis Cleaning Automatic cleaning (cleaning time: 30 seconds)
Electrode 3 PlatePlatinium / Titanium
Purification Device Filter Replacement Cartridge type (pair type)
Filter Lifetime First-phase fitter: 6000ℓ Second-phase filter: 6000
Filter Material Sediment filter, Granular activated carbon, Ceramic ball