Belle X

• Alkaline pH 9.0
• Combined faucet for hot, cold and room temperature water
• Total tank capacity of 16 litres
• Anti-leak
• Everyday 1 hour UV sterilization
• Made in Korea



Belle X Water Dispenser Filter Drinking System – Hot and Cold – Alkaline pH 9.0 – Fully Digital Button Operation

The Ultimate Water Dispenser

The third and latest in the Belle series edition, the Belle X delivers a world class performance with contemporary design. It’s a must-have in any kitchen or office space, to keep you hydrated during your long work days. The combined faucet for hold, cold and room temperature water is the perfect solution for your hydration in the office.

Super practical, with a sleek and modern design, it adds a touch of class to any productive environment. It has an amazing total tank capacity of 16 litres, that’s large enough to keep your whole office floor hydrated!

We believe in standing out from the crowd and that is exactly why the Belle X has proven to be the number one choice for professionals.

6 reasons why the Belle X will make a powerful statement in your office

  • Alkaline Ph 9.0 – We’ve taken it one step further and created the only water dispenser system in the market that provides you with pH9+ water. Be confident knowing you’re getting the best and purest alkaline water available. This will bring your office the cleanest, crystal-clear water that’s so delicious, the whole team will be taking a water break!
  • Combined Faucet for Hot, Cold, and Room Temp Water – With its combined temperatures this machine will bring you the perfect temperature to make drinking water more enjoyable. No need to waste a cup of water because it’s too hot or cold, our smart machine will make it just right!
  • Total Tank Capacity of 16 litres – For all those long hours in the office, youll need to stay hydrated for better performance. Our water dispenser system holds an outstanding 16 litres to provide you with constant pure water throughout the day. Enough to keep the whole building floor hydrated!
  • Anti-leak – There’s nothing worse than a leaking water dispenser. Most other dispenser systems drip water when not in use. We have counteracted this with an intelligent anti-leak design to prevent any spillages on your office floor.
  • Everyday 1 Hour UV Sterilization – Feel safe knowing your water dispenser is keeping your water chemical free every hour of the day! It effectively kills bacteria so every time you go for a refill, you will only have the cleanest water for instant hydration.
  • Made in Korea – With the dispenser made by LG and Samsung in a country known as a global industrial giant with advanced technology, you can be sure to have the highest quality and reliability in the industry.

Our Promise to You

Each water dispenser system comes with our 3 Year Warranty. We are proud to offer the longest warranty in the market today, backed by 20+ years of pioneering excellence in the water industry.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a penny to replace your parts in the warranty period. We will replace them absolutely free of charge giving you complete peace of mind and protecting your investment in your health for years to come!

In the long run, this is a great money saver – you can save thousands by not spending on bottled water!

With nothing to lose and only incredible health benefits to gain, order now and begin your journey to a healthier you today – your body will thank you for it!


Name Point of  Use Coolers (Hot/Cold)
Model Number FHC – 8000
Size (mm) 340(W) x 360(D) x 1160(H)
Weight 33 kg
Power 220 – 240V 50Hz 220V 60Hz 100V 50/60Hz 115V 60 Hz
Consumption Power 350W/Heating, 85W/Cooling
Cool Water Continuous Discharging Capacity 1.4L
Temperature 4°C – 12°C
Tank Capacity About 2L (Stainless Steel Tank)
Hot Water Continuous Discharging Capacity 1.4L
Temperature 80°C – 90°C
Tank Capacity About 1.8L (Stainless Steel Tank)