Belle T

• Soft touch panel
• Combined faucet for Hot & Cold
• Total tank capacity of 4.8 litres
• Suitable for 1-15 Pax
• Made in Korea


Belle T – Original Water Dispenser Filter Drinking System – Hot and Cold – Alkaline pH 9.0 – Soft Touch Panel

The Original Water Dispenser Pioneer

It’s not just its simplicity that makes the stylish Belle T a best-selling model. It’s compact, attractive and economical, making it a suitable choice for office environments. This impressive water dispenser fits perfectly on the countertop and has great energy efficiency.

With built in fully digital electronic valves, you can be sure to get the cleanest water with one simple touch. The Belle T offers a 4 or 5 step ultra-fine filtration to produce the highest quality water available.

When it comes to reliability and affordability, the Belle T is the best water dispenser bar none.

Here’s why the Belle T will be an instant classic in your office

  • Alkaline pH 9.0 – It stands miles ahead of its competitors with an exceptional alkaline level of pH 9+. This produces the healthiest standard of water you can find, and you can feel confident knowing you’re getting the highest quality drink.
  • Soft Touch Panel – Our Easy to use soft touch panel lets you take full control of the Belle T to deliver just the right amount of healthy water for you. With just one touch, you will get an instant response from Belle T and your cup will be filled with its purifying goodness.
  • Combined Faucet for Hot, Cold, and Room Temp Water – No matter how hot or cold it is, the Belle T will adjust to meet your drinking needs with the perfect temperature. With this intelligent feature, you will get the tastiest water for everyone in the office!
  • Total Tank Capacity of 4.8 litres – This high performing model is capable of storing 4.8 litres, which is great for its compact size. This will easily hydrate up to 15 people in the office, creating a more productive environment.
  • Antileak – No more water leaking on the floor! Our innovative technology has created an anti-leak system to prevent those annoying spillages and keep your office floor nice and clean.
  • Made in Korea – With the dispenser made by LG and Samsung in a country known as a global industrial giant with advanced technology, you can be sure to have the highest quality and reliability in the industry.

Our Promise to You

Each water dispenser system comes with our 3 Year Warranty. We are proud to offer the longest warranty in the market today, backed by 20+ years of pioneering excellence in the water industry.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a penny to replace your parts in the warranty period. We will replace them absolutely free of charge giving you complete peace of mind and protecting your investment in your health for years to come!

In the long run, this is a great money saver – you can save thousands by not spending on bottled water!

With nothing to lose and only incredible health benefits to gain, order now and begin your journey to a healthier you today – your body will thank you for it!


Product Hot & Cold Water Purifier
Model FW – 560S
Power Supply 220VAC-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Rated Watts Compressor – 80W
Heater  – 300W
Establishment Place Indoor
Manufacturer Fresh Water Co., LTD.
Serial Number F5115C017