Air Purifier 401-CV


Air Purifier 401-CV

PROVEN 99.99% Virus Elimination !

To help Protect you from Covid-19 and other Viruses & Bacteria such as SARS, H1N1, Influenza, Equine flu with proven Lab test result and Certifications.

MayAir 401 is equipped with HEPA, activated carbon filter, negative ion and nano photocatalytic technology. With an effective area of 55m2, it mainly focuses on the removal of biological contaminants (bacteria, microorganisms, dust mite etc.), gaseous contaminants (carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde etc.) and tiny particles (dust, pollen, smoke etc.).

Having a compact, simple and easily movable design, MayAir 401 can be used in bedrooms and study rooms. Its main features are high negative ions release (3×106 ions/cm), high formaldehyde removal efficiency (91%), high bacteria removal efficiency (99%), four adjustable running mode (high, medium, low, sleep), easily operated panel, high air volume (600m3/h) and low power consumption (max 85W).

We spend more than 70% of our time indoors, There are countless health killers hidden in the indoor air: dust, bacteria, smoke, particulate impurities, dust mites, viruses, chemical gases, molds, odors, etc. Solving the indoor air pollution imminently will keep you and your family safe.